Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Need in 2023

3 April 2023


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by amateurs and dedicated web designers alike. It provides essential elements for creating a basic website. To customise your site’s functions, appearance, and performance, you’ll need some plugins. With this blog post, we have listed the pros and cons for the top 5 WordPress plugins in 2023.

1. Social Sharing, Marketing and SEO Plugins

These plugins provide tools for optimising your site to appear higher on search engines. This helps with searchability and traffic.

Yoast SEO - SEO For Everyone

Yoast SEO

Pricing: Free. premium plans start at $99 for one website (as of March 2023).

Pros Cons
Accessible and user-friendly Not good at understanding intent
Works as an SEO proofreader Can be pedantic
Helps you fix flaws Wastes time by searching for stop words
Prevents your RSS feed from content scrapers Constantly requires updating


2. Website Performance

Plugins speed up load time, optimise images and provide users an overall better user experience. These plugins offer not just performance, but also security.

Jetpack for WordPress


Pricing: $50/month when billed annually (as of March 2023).

Pros Cons
Add essential features conveniently Interface is bloated with features
Is always up-to-date Slows down your site

Wordfence Security Solution for WordPress

WordFence Security

Pricing: Free. Premium plans start at $119/year (as of March 2023).

Pros Cons
Optimised for maximum performance Absence of automated website cleanup
Has a robust dashboard  Access to key functions is limited for free users
Features an endpoint firewall Resource-intensive

3. Website Analytics

These plugins let you track your performance. Analytics plugins help you understand your visitors’ conversion rates and audience better.

MonsterInsights - The Best WordPress Analytics Plugin


Pricing: Plans start at $99.50/year. (as of March 2023)

Pros Cons
Provides detailed reports Very costly
Easy-to-use interface Limited features in the free version

Bonus plugin: turn your site into a store

WooCommerce for WordPress


Pricing: Plans start at $24.95/month with a triennial plan (as of March 2023).

Pros Cons
Sales tax management and reporting Reliant on other plugins to function
Top-tier integration with WordPress Doesn’t offer a lot of built-in customisation
Features popular payment gateways Backend dashboard can be slow
Interface is very simple to use Takes considerable time to set up properly

Find out how to build a WordPress online store with WooCommerce here.