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JTech Media is a Malaysian information technology solutions provider with the expertise and knowledge to create data-driven and optimised strategies for web and mobile application development.


We make it a high priority to deliver the best results to you with our performance. Collaborate with us and make your brand stand out among the vast landscape of the world wide web with confidence and excellence.


To serve society better.

We are JTech Media, a team of software enthusiasts that enjoy the processes of creation and innovation. Our core of graphic designers, software developers, digital marketers, data scientists, SEO specialists, AI specialists, and Web 3.0 experts work like a well-oiled machine to deliver for our clientele.

We are purpose-driven to keeping up with the fast-growing trends in technology to not only improve our capabilities, but more importantly to meet our society’s needs.


We are a group of purpose-driven individuals fueled by creativity and ingenuity.

At JTech Media, we have never settled with a set rule of techniques and abilities. To us, learning new skills and advancing our field-of-play is just as vital as delivering our services. With the rapid way in which the digital world is expanding, we see it only fit that we advance in-step with our ecosystem.


We are passionate in being multi-faceted in various skills to deliver you our best.


We maximise Vue.js to deliver above and beyond websites that are equally captivating as they are engineered for performance.


At the core of our operations is Python, which is the foundation we build everything on.

Data Analysis

Our team doesn’t stop at developing solutions. We ensure that our services are optimised by analysing the numbers that matter most to our customers.


We also develop Java-powered mobile and web applications that are scalable to suit your business needs.



We use Angular to build dynamic and modular web applications. Elevate user experience through cutting-edge feature.

Mobile Applications

Besides developing websites, we develop companion mobile apps to further push our customers’ businesses to reach out greater audiences.

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The backbone of our websites’ management system. We employ and maximise WordPress and supportive plugins to create outstanding websites.

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At the core of our operations is Laravel, which we use to create outstanding websites that stand out from the crowd and deliver conversions.

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We fully utilise libraries in React to deliver above and beyond websites that are equally captivating as they are engineered for performance.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO mastery is the make-or-break for any business in today’s digital landscape. We employ crafty SEO techniques to accelerate our websites’ growths.

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Website Animation

Visually-appealing websites are a necessity on the internet today. We design stunning animations to give our websites an edge.

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Design & Illustration

Function is merely supplementary to fashion. Our team of designers craft every website to be visually outstanding that attracts the crowd.


More than just design.

The ‘J’ logo represents represents the journey we have undergone and the junction we strive to be for our clientele.

This journey started off as a seed of an idea – small but full of potential. Throughout the years, we have honed our craft and workmanship through the process of creating and learning. This ecosystem has propelled our abilities towards the stratosphere and it has only just begun.

We aim to be at the very junction of our customers, creating a new path into a world of digital fluency and excellency. Just like any junction, exists various entry and exit routes that we can help you branch your business out to deeper depths and higher heights.

At JTech Media, the limits don’t stop at the sky, they touch the stratosphere and beyond.

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