The Top 5 No-Code App Builders in 2023

26 April 2023


App development has become increasingly accessible to anyone, even without requiring to learn how to code. This shift in the app development space has given rise to no-code app builders. No-code refers to the ability to create functional software applications without the need for traditional coding skills. It makes it easy for anyone to build their own app. Therefore, we have 5 no-code app builders for you to start your app development journey.

1. Softr

Softr homepage

While Softr is in the process of developing their own data infrastructure. You would need to import your own data from either Airtable or Google Sheets

The The platform offers pre-built and functional building blocks such as:

  • Lists
  • Charts
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Calendars
  • Maps

These functions can be easily integrated within minutes. Moreover, Softr provides documentation on how to display and create data, which is the most common way to present information through the platform.

Softr price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $49/month (as of April 2023).

2. Bubble

Bubble homepage

Bubble offers a visual design interface, which allows users to drag and drop elements to create their app interface. Once the design is complete, users can set conditions and program their app with workflows to create a functional app. Workflows include triggers such as button clicks, and actions such as creating new records or sending emails.

Bubble price: Free plan available, with paid plans starting at $25/month (as of April 2023).

3. Google AppSheet

AppSheet homepage

AppSheet is a powerful no-code application development platform. AppSheet enables citizen developers, from IT to line-of-business users, to create and customise applications using its easy-to-use, interactive UI.

Google AppSheet price: Free to learn, with a $5/month charge per user (as of April 2023).

4. Glide

Glide homepage

Glide has a simple UI that enables mobile and web app development via a drag-and-drop interface. Using Glide has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Quick and easy app creation process
  • Wide range of customizable features
  • Pre-designed app templates

Glide price: Free plan available for individuals, with paid plans starting at $25/month (as of April 2023)

5. Backendless

Backendless homepage

Backendless is an amazing, yet effective application development platform which has been designed to serve individual application developers as well as agencies. This solution has the ability to make you efficient in developing your applications. This can provide end to end solutions which are designed for mobile or web development.

Some advantages of Backendless include:

  • They have their own analytics tools and is constantly updated
  • Auto generated APIs are what they’re known for, and is fully customisable
  • Eases up the process of backend development
  • Technical support is offered

Backendless price: Free plan available, with premium plans starting at $35/month (as of April 2023)


In summary, Softr is beginner-friendly and easy to use. Meanwhile, Bubble has a fine balance between power and ease of use. Google AppSheet is best for leveraging AI and automation, while Glide works best for creating simple mobile apps. Last but not least, Backendless gives you advanced control over your data and infrastructure.